Wholesalers import of Japanese products

Looking for a new product line for your business?
Looking for a new line of JAPANESE IMPORTED SNACKS AND BEVERAGES product for your business?

JaponMarket24h offers you the possibility to include a new product line in your business. The sale of Japanese imported food products.

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What is JaponMarket24h?

JaponMarket24h is a company of sale and distribution of food products specialized in Japanese imports. In addition to having our own stores and vending machines, we are wholesalers of Japanese imported products. We have more than 400 points of sale throughout Spain that are distributed between our own stores (Nanako market), vending machines and distribution points.

Vending machines

Part of our business is the vending machines that we have throughout the Peninsula.

Own stores

Our own Nanako Shops act as sales points for our products.

Distribution points

We work with all types of stores that distribute our products.

Why sell Japanese products?

The market for Japanese products is booming in Spain. The cultural influence we receive from anime series, video games and music has brought to the forefront some products that a few years ago were unknown.

The diffusion of these products in social networks and their tremendous virality, have achieved that today almost anyone, especially in youth groups are familiar with terms related to food and Japanese customs.

That is why terms such as “Mochis”, “Ramen”, “Dorayakis” or “Ramune” are already as popular as “Kawaii”, “Otaku” or “Neko”, are commonly used and their consumption has spread.

Our products

We have a large number of references imported directly from Japan. Drinks, sweets and products from the most popular series, video games and animation franchises.

At JaponMarket24h we import our products directly from Japan, which allows us to work with unbeatable prices.
What type of business do you have?

JaponMarket24h import products are ideal for some types of business. If you have a business of this type and want to increase your sales and your target audience, we are sure that you will be interested in working with us. These are some of the businesses where we have our products working successfully:

Comic stores

Our products are the ideal complement for the comic and manga fans.

Specialized supermarkets

Many of our customers are supermarkets specialized in Asian products.

Toy stores

JaponMarket24h items work very well in toy and merchandising stores.


Do you find this information interesting? Do you have one of these businesses and you are interested in introducing Japanese articles? Do you have another type of business and you think it could work?

Do not hesitate, contact us and tell us your idea. We will answer any questions you may have.

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